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Give a Greyhound a Home!

We believe the key to the successful re-homing of a greyhound lies in  matching the right dog to the right family.  If you are thinking of taking on a dog, please consider a greyhound; loyal, loving, graceful and full of personality. 

"The Fastest Couch Potatoes in the World"

Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds make loving family pets only needing two short walks a day.  They are generally good on a lead and take no more feeding than any other medium size dog and are very gentle.  They are known as, "the fastest couch potatoes in the world" as they will sprint around the garden and then enjoy nothing more than a few hours' sleep on a comfy sofa or their dog bed ( if they really have to......).

There is a common myth that greyhounds cannot live with cats or other small animals:  this is not the case.  With training, they can quite happily live together.

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Come and have a chat and meet our dogs.  Please email us via the contact page or call Clare on 07825 818158. Visits to our kennels by appointment only. 

Find us on Facebook to share ours and your latest news with other greyhound owners in the area; and don't forget to share your photos with us using the Rogues Gallery link on the Menu.

Give a greyhound a home:  it may not change the world, but will mean the world to one of these beautiful animals.

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